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Submission Guidelines

Short stories, poetry and book reviews are accepted for consideration at Twisted Tales. Please make sure that they fit the following genres: horror, sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, romance if it has an unusual plot element such as time travel or ghost story. Twisted Tales does not accept just romance on it's own. If the tale has a twist, so much the better.

Submissions will now only be accepted if submitted through the new site at You will have to register first, (it's free) but after that you will then be able to submit your own stories, poetry, book reviews etc. (Please only submit book reviews you have done yourself or you have permission from the reviewer to use.)

The exception to this would be if you would like to be a featured author and have an interview. If you wish to be considered for a feature, please email me an author's bio, a synopsis of your book and I will get back to you with the interview questions. Please put everything in the body of the email, no attachemets will be opened.

There is no payment, but a byline and a link to your website(s) or books can be included with your stories/reviews etc.

Due to time constraints and a backlog that just seems to be getting bigger, Twisted Tales is no longer accepting books for review, reviews will still be accepted from other people who have written one. In other words, you can submit a review you have written. If you are looking for your book to be reviewed, the reviewers choice group on yahoo is a good place to start.

Annette Gisby, editor.

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